Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte roams around Davao with her motorbike


Davao City Mayor and Presidential daughter Inday Sara Duterte has been spotted by the local media roaming around her town Yesterday, April 4.

Team of TV Patrol Southern Mindanao saw Inday Sara who’s wearing a helmet together with some of the riders driving their motorcycle to check the condition of the city.

During the short interview, the Davao City mayor reminded the citizens of Davao to stay safe while driving and wear helmet if they’re using their motorcycles.

She also allowed the media to follow her.

The video reached thousands of likes and shares from her fans.

She also received praises from the netizens from doing her job even at night.

“Father & daughter are alike true public service….Good job my next president of the republic of the Philippines…” Emer Dapar said.

Inday Sara received proposals from her fans to run for Senator, but the Davao City mayor said that she would not leave her hometown.

It seems that Inday Sara followed the hobby of her father, former Davao City Mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte.

During his leadership in Davao, Duterte was known for roaming around the said city during nighttime using a taxi or motorcycle.

But now that he’s the top official of the country, Duterte was disallowed by his security team to roam around Davao without the consent from his guards.

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