Kitty Duterte only rents gown for the ‘Linggo ng Wika’


Despite being a presidential daughter, Kitty Duterte chose not to live in a lavish lifestyle and decided just to rent a gown that she wore during the culmination day of the Linggo ng Wika at the Stella Maris Academy in Davao City.

In a photo posted by netizen Rachel Balisanzo, Kitty Duterte was shown rushing to the entrance of their school wearing a simply rented gown which reportedly costs only P400, very far from the prices of gowns made by renowned designers wore by other political family members.

No members of PCGG or nannies guided her to the entrance of their school, evidence of the simple live of the presidential family in Davao City.

Honeylet Avanceña, who got interviewed by said that Kitty Duterte considered the Linggo ng Wika like Oscar Awards.

” Every year, Kitty is always looking forward to the Linggo ng Wika to wear Filipiniana the gown of her choice.” she told

“She is looking forward to the culmination day, because to her, Linggo ng Wika is like Oscars,” Honeylet added.

She also said that Kitty is not picky when it comes to clothes but she goes for her own choice.

According to the report, Avancena wanted a new but cheap gown for her daughter, but her friend recommended good but affordable gowns for rent.

For four hundred pesos ($4) Honeylet got a gown for her daughter which Kitty didn’t complain to wear.

As a successful businesswoman in Davao City, Honeylet can buy an expensive gown for Kitty, but she chosen not to do it.

Despite of being only rented, Kitty Duterte still made herself beautiful with the gown that she wore.

She posted several photos of her wearing the gown that they rented.

Photos: Kitty Duterte Facebook account



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