President Duterte claims that rich people controls the ‘water crisis’


President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that some “rich people” are trying to manipulate the water crisis happening around Metro Manila.

In a speech during a campaign rally in Bukidnon, Duterte said that Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) didn’t do their best to prepare for the El Niño.

“Every season there is always the El Niño. So why didn’t you prepare for that? And now you ran out of water even before the El Niño… Where has all the water in this universe gone to then?” Duterte said.

“If I didn’t tell them that I’ll go there personally… The next morning there was water. You see how deceitful these rich guys are?” he added.

He said that the concessionaires are only waiting for an increase in profits that’s why they keep interrupting the water from flowing around the houses.

“They didn’t plan on opening it because they were waiting for an increase. Only then will they release the water. That’s true. These rich people…are milking us dry,” he said.



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